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A One-Woman show thru July 14, 2010

We do not lose Heart

Health Sciences Learning Center

U W Hospital & Clinics  

750 Highland Drive, Madison

Above:  Second floor Gallery Area

Artist’s  Statement

My pieces in diverse media shown in the lst floor gallery were created to explore literally and figuratively the heart. I have reflected our cultural images of this symbol of life and love.

I intend to show the powerful emotion associated with this driving force of our bodies and spirit. This heart-based theme continues in the second floor gallery area with a group of my watercolor landscapes chosen because they all include figures which are positioned in the heart of each landscape. The figures naturally draw the viewer into the scene. Also note a selection of still lifes and portraits painted for the senti-mental romantic attachment I have to them.


Heart Vortex

Acrylic on Canvas

24” x 28”

By Nancy Macgregor


Heart Poster for a

Glenda Green

Spiritis Conference

Designed and illustrated by Nancy Macgregor