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A One-Woman show August & Sept. 2011

Willy Street Co-op West

Parkview Plaza, University at Park

Middleton,  Wisconsin

Open to the Public 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Community Room


Below:  Monroe Street Morning   Watercolor  24” x 30” by Nancy Macgregor 


raveling Shows

We do not lose heart We_do_not_loose_Heart.html

Artist’s Statement

My work is a constantly changing reflection of what I am doing and seeing at any given moment.  I tend to paint figuratively in Watercolor, but by use of composition, color and mood, the viewer is given an idea of my feelings and reactions at the time.

Several paintings in this exhibition show my preoccupation recently with urban landscapes.  Monroe Street Shops and businesses in particular have caught my attention. My many students are also a big influence.  We learn from each other.



Art Glass at Millord Filmore Gallery

Watercolor by Nancy Macgregor

Urban & Rural Landscapes