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With the help of Mary Brennan, who has collaborated with Nancy on the Commentaries and study guides which accompany each visual, a bible study has been formed;

making  Revelation more understandable as a book of written Prophecy.  Ms Brennan

and  Ms  Macgregor worked extensively with the Adult Christian Education Foundation, the home of the Bethel Bible Series, receiving valuable experience in Bible Study.

They have used this material to teach several Revelation Pilot studies at Bethel

Lutheran Church, and have been invited to many other Lutheran Churches in the

Madison Area to present programs and Studies on Revelation.  Their presentations include all the Sacred Arts: music, dramatic readings, poetry, Prayer, and dance movement, which all compliment the original visual art works.

If you wish to purchase any of the Revelation Serigraphs, or would like to have the Exhibition and or the Bible Study presented at your church or other venue, contact

Ms Macgregor at

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