Reaping the Earth    

One in a series of 6 Serigraphs in the Revelation Series  

by Nancy  Macgregor     22”x26”      $350.00

Revelation 14 and 15

The Son of Man, Jesus, is directed to reap the harvest of the earth.  This is his role designated by God to judge all peoples at the time of his Second Coming.

The wheat, which is harvested, stands for all of the believers (also called the first fruits).  With a swing of the scythe, Jesus returns the wheat to Mt. Zion, the symbolic dwelling place of God.

The “temple” of Mt. Zion, showing in the sky, is similar to the Throne Room of Revelation 5. It is shown again as the New Jerusalem of Revelation 22.  All are aspects of eternal life, the after-life, or eternal reward.  This is the final destination of the faithful.

The grapes represent unbelievers; enemies of God, those who by their actions persistently reject God. The grapes are harvested for the great wine press of God’s wrath.  The issue from the wine press is blood. This symbolizes the death of those who have rejected God, therefore separating themselves eternally from Him in the lake of fire.

“...Blessed are the dead who from now on die in the Lord...they will rest from their labors, for their deeds follow them.”       Revelation 14:13  (NRSV)

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