Bethel Lutheran Church
Fireside Gallery
312 Wisconsin Ave, Madison

Nancy standing in front of two recent additions
to the show: above left, The Wedding Feast  which is now displayed on the Home Page.
Above right, The Lamb Conquers is on the next Revelation Page, find a link at the bottom. 

Artist’s  Statement
My pieces in diverse media, (6 Serigraphs,1 watercolor, 4 Acrylics, and one Computer generated art) are all designed to illustrate visions in the book of Revelation.

They have been used as a traveling exhibit for many years in various church venues and colleges since the mid-nineties. As my knowledge of the book has grown, so has the number and the scope of the paintings.  

Mary Brennan and I developed a complete
written outline of each of the chapters of Revelation that are covered by the Serigraphs in the Exhibition. We have given various Bible studies with this material in venues where the Exhibit has been shown. 

In addition, I have also written new study material recently, as I have continued to be inspired by this book in my paintings.
This more recent work is a personal statement of my artistic and spiritual beliefs  as they relate to the many sightings of Angels in the book of Revelation. 

To learn more about what each piece in the Exhibition represents, here is a link.    


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Above: Nancy and guests at the opening of her current Revelation Show at Bethel Lutheran Church

The Gallery pages of this web Site have a listing of Ms Macgregor’s more notable past exhibitions.

If you would like to have one of the Traveling Exhibitions shown and described on the following pages hung in your gallery, 

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Left: Two Witnesses

Acrylic on Canvas

22” x 28”

By Nancy Macgregor

Above:  Poster announcing the Revelation Show. Designed and illustrated by Nancy Macgregor

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse  22”x28”  watercolor by Nancy Macgregor

the Hope & the Promise

A One-Woman show July-Sept. 2014