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The Lamb Conquers

Acrylic Painting on Canvas

by Nancy  Macgregor     40”x10”     $1,500.00

Revelation 19 and 20

God designated Jesus to fulfill three roles at the Second Coming: Conqueror, (first panel) Judge, (second panel) Bridegroom, (third panel)

As Conqueror, he appears on a white horse, wearing a crown. His robe is dipped in blood to remind us he is here to avenge the martyrs. His purpose is to rid the world of all earthly kings who would destroy peoples and pillage the earth.

As Judge, Jesus will place all non-believers, living and dead, in the Lake of Eternal Fire. All believers, those listed in the book of life, will                                be with Jesus, where he rules,                                               in eternity.

As the Bridegroom, Jesus will welcome his followers to the table at the Wedding Feast as if each were his bride. Marriage is the ultimate earthly symbol of committed love, so Jesus fulfills this role to express his devotion. His victory over death becomes ours as well.

“Hallelujah!  Salvation and glory and power to our God, for his judgements are true and just...for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.”     

                                        Revelation 19: 1b and 7b   NRSV