Over the Yahara

Right: Watercolor by Laura Jacobson

Laura took her sketchbook home after the class and reworked it into this lovely painting of the Rutlege bridge.  This was her last attempt of the class and it was gratifying to see how she improved.  She was especially happy with the water and reflections.

Below:  Dave Carlson’s watercolor sketch of the railroad bridge.  Dave has been working to see and use all the varieties of green to be found in the local foliage.  He has also been learning to notice the variety of tree shapes.  Every location brings its own challenges and beauty that we can learn to appreciate.

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Upper right: Photo taken by M. P. King from the Wisconsin State Journal,  This photographer appeared during our second class, and took a photo for Local section of the next Saturday morning paper.

Right: Watercolor Demonstration by Nancy Macgregor.  This was a very old

bridge in Tenney Park. It was our first class, and I was trying to show how to paint water, and create the look of trees which are still coming into leaf.